Geoff's Bio-Directories (By Geoffrey Routh, Ph.D)

Lists of Genomics Software/Service Providers

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As there is a lot going on in the fields of genomics and bioinformatics, I've created this page as a directory of bioinformatics software developers, genomics service providers, and related useful websites.  I update the page at least once per month in an effort to keep it current.  Email me if you know of a company that should be listed here, or would like to recommend edits/updates.

Last updated on 8/14/2016.  I added PierianDx, which is a personalized medicine platform.  Their platform spans the workflow from variant calling through actionable clinical reports.  Also, the service division of TGAC has changed its name from "Genome Enterprise Limited" to the "Earlham Institute," and the link to their website was updated accordingly.  The updates were completed as part of an effort to make their genomics services more accessible to the genomics community.

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Additional resources for locating and evaluating NGS tools and services
Resource Website Notes
Allseq Helps match folks who need NGS with the right service for them
Omicsmaps Interactive world map of NGS Instruments
Omictools Web listing of genomics tools for trained bioinformaticists
RNASeqBlog Website devoted to RNAseq
Repositive collects and makes available NGS data from multiple sources.
Seqanswers One of the oldest and most popular NGS forums
SNPedia SNPedia is a wiki investigating human genetics
Informatics Software Packages
Name Website Notes
ABGenomica Cloud computing platform for genomics
Abiomics Bioinformatics
Accelerys Bioinformatics
Active Motif Acquired TimeLogic
AgileBio Custom bioinformatics
Annai Systems Genome data management (Developed UCSC Cancer Genomics Hub)
Appistry Data management, analysis, interpretation & storage (NGS/Other)
Ariadne Genomics Expression, pathways, text mining
ArrayGen Technologies Bionformatics
aScidea Bioinformatics solutions including NGS products
Aspera Fast efficient method for high-speed data transfer
AssurX Risk and compliance management software for clinical NGS
Atragene Custom software solutions (NGS interpretation?)
Baseclear NGS, comprehensive 
Bina Technologies NGS interpretation, comparison
Biobase Identify functionally significant genome variants 
Biocomputing Platforms Ltd NGS and variation data analysis and management
BioCOS Life Sciences NGS and microarray interpretation
Biocrates Metabolomics
BioDiscovery Copy number, expression, NGS
Biogazelle NGS data analysis and qbase+ software for qPCR data analysis
Bioinformatics Solutions Mapping
Biomatters Producers of Geneious
Biomol-Informatics including NGS analysis
BioNeos Custom bioinformatics
Bionivid Bioinformatics services and development
Bioplanet Online NGS analysis/tool comparison platform
Biosof Sequence Analysis, Structure and Function Prediction
Bioteam MiniLIMS for NGS platforms
Biotesys Clinical/consumer healthcare 'Omics platform
BMR Genomics Assembly through interpretation
Cartagenia web-based software and database, for diagnostic genome interpretation
cBio bioinformatics solutions (NGS and microbial diagnostics)
ChunLab  NGS data analysis solutions
Conexio Genomics Next gen software for HLA and other applications
CSBI Link dead as of June 2013 Software and training in bioinformatics
Cypher Genomics Interpretation of NGS data, clinical
Diagnomics Software and service for NGS and personalized healthcare
DNA 2.0 Tools for gene design through sequence analysis
DNA Guide Bring NGS to clinic
DNAlytics  Data Mining & IT solutions for personalized medicine
DNAnexus Cloud-based DNA data management, analysis, and collaboration platform
DNASoftware  Multiple DNA analysis packages
DNAstar NGS, assembly, other
Douglas Scientific Microarray, qPCR etc
DREAMgenics Bioinformatics software and service provider
Eagle Genomics Pipelines, consulting, scalable genomics analysis
Earlham Institute NGS analysis associated with TGAC
ecSeq Bioinformatics  NGS interpretation, custom pipelines
Enlis Genomics Powerful and simple NGS interpretation software
Era7 Bioinformatics Bacterial genomics
Euformatics Software platforms for NGS (research and clinical)
Existance Genetics Bankrupt.  Website offline Tertiary analysis (clinical interpretation) and reporting of NGS data
Fluidigm Expression, targeted resequencing, SNP
Gataca database construction, genomic analysis, bioinformatics algorithm construction
GE Healthcare Bring NGS to clinic
Genalice BV very accurate and fast (up to 100 x faster than BWA) short read aligner
Genbios databases of genes, pathways etc.
GenDx HLA typing
Gene Codes  Bioinformatics software for DNA sequence analysis
Genedata Expressionist, Profiler, other Bioinformatics packages
GeneExplain Expression, proteomics
GeneGo (Thomson Reuters) pathway analysis
Geneious NGS assembly through annotation
GeneSpring (Now an Agilent product) Gene expression, NGS and proteomics analysis, pathways
GeneStack  format-free, cloud-based bioinformatics platform for genomics R&D
Genevia Technologies systems biological data analysis
Genialis Develops interactive visual analytics web applications and analyses NGS data
GenoLogics LIMS systems for -omics labs
Genomatix NGS analysis software
Genome Compiler Free and paid genome analysis packages
GenomeQuest NGS: research and clinical applications
Genomic Expression Proprietary cost-effective genomics diagnostics
Genominon Both curated variant databases and interpretation packages
GenomOncology  Tools for molecular pathology and medical genetics 
Genoptix Medical Laboratory  Personalized diagnostics some seq analysis
GenoSpace  Cloud based 'omics secure data sharing targeting clinical applications 
Genostar Solutions for microbial genome, proteome and metabolome comparison 
Geospiza  NGS/Microarray analysis and LIMS software 
GNS healthcare  Big Data management devoted to healthcare solutions 
Golden Helix  Multiple genomics packages 
Gsolutions Biosciences LLC  Customized data analysis (they can build an NGS platform for you) 
Heracle BioSoft S.R.L.  Heracle makes DNABaser Assembly software
iBinom Intuitive, cloud-based interpenetration pipeline for geneticists and clinicians 
Igenbio.Inc Advanced bioinformatics services 
Innventis Clinical and personal medicine informatics platform 
InSilicoDB  Genomics databases and in-silico genomics tools
Integra Gen Software  NGS interpretation/comparison, bioinformatics 
Integromics  Data handling and analysis for NGS, microarray, qPCR 
Interactive Biosoftware  Visualization, interpretation and annotation of NGS data
Intrepid Bioinformatics NGS, SNP, Database
IntuitiveGenomics NGS assemply, annotation, interpretation
Invitae  Working with Genomic Health and Locus Dev. (variant database) 
JMP Genetics  Solutions for research, clinical, and agricultural genomics
JSI Medical Systems  NGS analysis software 
Knome  NGS interpretation, clinical (bought by Tute Genomics 11/15)
Korilog   Products based on Klast high perfomance Seq. Comparison tool
Kovid Bioanalytics  Statisitical Analysis, Genomics Data Mining, Clinical Informatics
Lab 7 systems  Integrates multiple NGS software packages coherently 
LabCorp Including clinical genomics
Leucine Rich Bio  Heuristic and statistical analysis of omics data and basic bioinformatics
Locus Development Bring NGS to clinic 
Lummei Analytics NGS interptetaion software packages
Maverix Biomics  Cloud-based NGS data management, interpretation, and visualization 
MedGenome Sanger Sequencing and NGS-based clinical genomics 
Microsoft  Genomics 
MolecularHealth  Molecular safety, molecular oncology 
MultiD Analyses  qPCR analysis software 
NextBio (Illumina)  Genomics, expression, literature, clinical  
NuMedii  Genome-wide molecular profiles 
Ocimum Biosolutions  Research Accelerator (for 'Omics comparison), extensive databases
Omicia Automated clinical variant interpretation/reporting for genomic testing with NGS
Omixon  Targeted sequencing, HLA, variant analysis 
OncoDNA Software packages for deep sequencing and cancer biomarker monitoring 
Omicsoft   Bioinformatics, Cancer Genomics (TCGA), and OMIC data storage solution
Paradigm4  Scalable bioinformatics data management with tertiary analytics 
Partek  Software - NGS, expression etc.
Personalis  Interpretation of NGS data, clinical 
Phenosystems  Software for the molecular genetics community since 2002
PierianDx Variant calling through creation of actionable clinical reports
Premier Biosoft  Bioinformatics 
QIAGEN (CLC Bio)   Comprehensive, Including NGS  
QIAGEN (Ingenuity Systems)  Genome, pathway analysis   
Qlucore  A D.I.Y bioinformatics software for exploration and visualization of big data 
Real Time Genomics  Sequence alignment through variant database comparison 
Rimarcable  Custom Software solutions (including healthcare applications) 
Salsa Computing    Big data, including bioinformatics
Samsunggenome  NGS sequencing through interpretation
Sapio Sciences  Produces Exemplar NGS LIMS, which is specifically tailored to genomics
Scale Genomics   Cloud storage and analysis of NGS data (Domain seems to be parked) 
ScaleMP   Big data company, assembly through interpretation
Seven Bridges Genomics NGS variant interpretation open source pipelines 
SGI  Http://  Big data company, assembly through interpretation 
Silicon Valley Biosystems NGS interpretation software  
Simulconsult  Sofware packages to help clinicians interpret genetic variant tables
Soft Genetics Inc  NGS interpretation software packages 
SolveBio  Genome analysis  
Sophia Genetics Clinical NGS service with stand-alone software
Spiral Genetics  Annotation 
StationX  Genome interpretation
Strand Life Sciences  Genespring, Avadis-NGS 
Syapse  Making omics data actionable in clinical research and development 
TechTrendsIT  Software builders.  Can assist with cloud computing and big data etc.
Translational Software  Bring NGS to clinic 
Unipro  Free open source bioinformatics platform 
Woodward Informatics Ltd  Custom bio- and chemo-informatics
World Fusion Informatics for drug discovery, metagenomics, transcriptomics etc.
xGen Cybernetics  Bioinformatics, clinical genetics and predictive medicine 
Zymo Research  Bioinformatics for all NGS applications/epigenetic analysis 
Genomics Service Providers (Consumer and Clinical Genomics)
Company Website Notes
23 and Me  Consumer genomics 
Acobiom   Biomarker discovery/personalized medicine, diagnostics 
Allere Laboratory  NGS - Based health and wellness 
Alpha Genomix  Clinical NGS/molecular diagnostics center; Integrating geneologies with DNA analysis. recommends to start with Geneology and then go to DNA.
Ariana Pharma  Multiple research/clinical genomics applications 
Asuragen  Clinical NGS, ion torrent, FFPE capabilities 
Biocrates  Metabolomics 
Biodiscovery  Genomics analysis consulting 
Caris Life Sciences  Multi-platform tumor profiling for precision cancer therapy 
Castle Medical  Clinical tests include NGS CD Genomics  
Claritas Genomics  Exome sequence interpretation for rare disease diagnosis 
CompanionDx  Clinical NGS 
Counsyl  Carrier Screening via NGS or Targeted Genotyping 
Cypher Genomics  Interpretation of NGS data, clinical 
deCode Genetics  Clinical genomics 
Diploid Rare disease diagnostics/genome interpretation specialists
DNA Link  NGS, microarray, personal genomics, forensics etc. 
Edge Bio  CLIA exome sequencing  
Foundation Medicine  Cancer diagnostics (including NGS) 
Fulgent Diagnostics  Clinical NGS
Gene TLC  Personalized genomics 
GenebyGene  Services include Ancestry, Health, Research, and Paternity 
GeneDx  Clinical - including whole exome 
Geneyouin  Direct to consumer NGS and sequence analysis 
Genomic Engenharia Molecular  Paternity testing/consumer/clinical genomics 
Genomics plc Clin. Genomics. Variant Calling. Interpretation Engine. Pharmaceutical Services
Good Start Genetics  Carrier screening 
Health In Code  Genetic diagnosis of inherited cardiovascular diseases: NGS/Sanger 
Lab solutions (.net)  Drug screening and confirmatory testing 
M2Gen Medical Informatics (including cancer pharmacogenomics)
MapMyGenome  Consumer genomics 
Millennium Health Labs  Personalized Medicine
MolecularMD  Comprensive CRO with significant NGS and bioinformatics capabilities 
Multiplicom  Dx kits for targeted resequencing. 
Mycroarray  Custom microarrays and capture bait libraries 
Myriad Genetics  Clinical Genetics and Genomics Services 
Natera  Clinical prenatal genetic testing
Navigenics  Consumer genomics (Assimilated by the Thermo Collective)
Nextcode  Delivering the resources developed at deCODE Genetics to the clinical domain. 
NextGen Diagnostics  Clinical and Reseaerch Genomics 
Origen Laboratories Clinical lab with expertise in pharmacogenomics and hereditary cancer.
Oxford Gene Technology  RNASeq, Targeted sequencing, Familial/Trio Analysis and Advanced Analysis 
Paradigm Diagnostics  Clinical interpretation of NGS data 
Parexel Clinical esearch service with new genomics division
Pathgroup  Pathology services including clinical NGS 
Pathogenica  Clinical Sequencing/NGS
Pathway Genomics  Personal genomics/nutrition 
Personal Genome Diagnostics  Clinical cancer exome sequencing through interpretation 
Personalis  Interpretation of NGS data, clinical
Prevention Genomics  Clinical Genetic Screening 
Prognosys  NGS Sequencing and analysis services 
qGenomics  Genomics for human health 
QUEST Diagnostics  Clinical Diagnostics including clinical genomics (see Genomic Vision)
Response Genetics  Genetic and genomic approaches to cancer diagnostics 
Rheumakit  NGS-based Rheumatology diagnostics 
Saphetor  Provides NGS analysis and interpretation over a secured web portal
Sequenta  Clinical NGS and immunology 
Smith Family Clinic Using genomics data to uncover undiagnosed disease.
Sophia Genetics  Integrated Clinical NGS Dry Lab Service  
Sorensen Genomics  Clinical and forensic genomics 
Synexa Life Sciences  Clinical human genomics 
Theragen Etex NGS, Cancer Panels, Bioinformatics, Prognostic service, NIPT
UD-GenoMed  Full service clinical genomics lab
Vela Diagnostics NGS and data interpretation (initiating early access program for clinical interpretation)
XDx  Clinical, expression-based transplant monitoring Forenisic DNA databasing etc 
Forensic Genetics and Genomics
Company Website Notes
Data Unlimited International, Inc LIMS systems developed for Froensic systems (including genetic data)
DNA Solutions  Evidence evaluation, testing, case reviews and court room testimony
Independent Forensics Forensic DNA testing services, including training and expert witnesses
JusticeTrax LIMS for For forensic DNA sample tracking
NicheVision Forenics Software solutions for DNA analysis and sample tracking
Nippon Control System Corporation SimpDoc (LIMS) developed for the Japanese forenics community.
NMS Labs laboratory services 
Parabon Snapshot DNA Phenotyping Software to predict appearance from genomic data
Porter Lee Corporation Forenics LIMS systems
Promega Forenisic DNA databasiong etc
RTI International Technology assistance to the forensic science community
Small Pond LLC DNA profile databasing services
Softgenetics DNA analysis software (forensics software)
Sorensen Genomics Clinical and forensic genomics
StacsDNA Sample tracking and control software designed for forensic DNA casework
Genomics Service Providers  (ALL)
Company Website Notes
23 and me  Consumer genomics 
5am Solutions Custom bioinformatics 
ACGT Inc.  Sanger sequencing through NGS and analysis 
Active Motif  ChIP-Seq, (h)MeDIP-Seq and Bisulfite Sequencing among others
Adaptive Biotechnologies  NGS on immune cells, moving to clinical 
Advanced Biological Laboratories   IT support and decision support software for healthcare professionals
Affymetrix (Eureka Genomics)  NGS through assembly, other 
Allere Laboratory  NGS - Based health and wellness 
AllGenetics  Molecular genetics support for academic and corporate labs 
Almac group  CLIA lab, microarray including CNV and SNP 
Ambry Genetics   Clinical Genetics and Genomics Services; Integrating geneologies with DNA analysis. recommends to start with Geneology and then go to DNA.
Applied Biological Materials, Inc.   NGS, Bioinformatics services  
Applied Genomics Institute  NGS and related BioInformatics
Applied Microarrays  Custom microarray 
Ariana Pharma  Multiple research/clinical genomics applications
AROS Applied Biotechnology  Extraction, PCR, microarray, and NGS services.
ArrayGen Technologies   Custom chip design,Microarray,NGS,Bioinformatics development 
Ashion Analytics   NGS services associated with TGEN
Asuragen  Clinical NGS, ion torrent, FFPE capabilities
Atlas BioLabs  NGS, Arrays, CGH, Bioinformatics 
BairesDev  BairesDev can develop software and web-apps for your algorithm 
Baseclear  NGS, comprehensive  
Basepair Data management, analysis, interpretation
Beckman Coulter Genomics NGS, Sanger sequencing, data analysis, other
Beijing Genomics (BGI)  NGS through assembly, interpretation 
Bina Technologies   NGS interpretation, comparison 
Bio S & T   Sanger sequencing and expression, WGS?
BioChain  NGS through genome interpretation 
BioCOS Life Sciences  NGS and microarray interpretation 
BioDigital valley  Proteomics, Genomics, Bioinformatics 
Biodiscovery  Genomics analysis consulting 
Biogazelle  Transcriptome analysis and data mining services 
Bionivid  Bioinformatics services 
Bioo Comprehensive including NGS 
Bioserve  human DNA, microarray 
BMR Genomics  NGS through interpretation
Broad Institute Genomics Services Broad Genomic Services Extremely comprehensive NGS and genomic analysis services
Caliper (PE)  Lab auto and NGS services 
Cartagenia  Enterprise integration of clinical NGS 
CCCB - Harvard Analytical Computational biology services for industry and academe @ Harvard 
CD Genomics  Full service genomics provider 
Centrillion Biosciences  Experimental design, data production and bioinformatic services
ChunLab   Next gen sequencing and analysis services 
Claritas Genomics  Exome sequence interptretation for rare diseases 
Clevergene Genome Analytics(Informatics) Services to global clientele
Cofactor Genomics  NGS, bioinformatics 
Complete Genomics  NGS through assembly (Subsidiary of BGI) Computomics
Computomics  NGS interpretation for agricultural biotech 
Contig Express  Integrated genomics data service provider 
Core Informatics  Comprehensive bioinformatics on the cloud 
CorrZ  Biostatistics, analysis for NGS and microarray 
Counsyl  Carrier Screening via NGS or Targeted Genotyping 
Courtagen  NGS through interpretation, proteomics 
Covance Genomics  Full gervice genomics partner 
CPGR  Non profit genomics/bioinformatics center 
Creative Bioinformatics  Consultancy that will tailor a bioinformatics team to your project. 
CromDx  High throughput sequencing/ research and clinical  analytical services  
Cypher Genomics  Interpretation of NGS data, clinical
Cytogenomics  High throughput interpretation of genomic variation 
Data2Bio  Design, Execute, analyse NGS projects 
deCode Genetics  Clinical genomics
Diploid Rare disease diagnostics/genome interpretation specialists
DNA Link  NGS, microarray, personal genomics, forensics etc. 
DNA SEQ Alliance Interpretation of NGS using crystallography in the clinical environment. 
DNAlytics   Data Mining & IT solutions for personalized medicine 
DNASTAR  Genome Assembly Services (and sequencing, downstream analysis etc.) 
DREAMgenics  Bioinformatics software and service provider 
ecSeq Bioinformatics Sequencing- assembly and analysis 
Edge Bio  CLIA exome sequencing 
Era7 Bioinformatics  Bacterial genomics
Euformatics  Consultation on NGS projects 
Eurofins MWG   Extensive services including genomics services 
Evogene  Identify agrinomically imortant plant genes 
Expression Analysis  WGS, RNAseq, microarray 
Eye.Q.Consulting, Corp  Irvine, CA based genomics analysis/interpretation service 
F' Analytics  Big Data services including NGS Pipeline design 
FamilytreeDNA   Ancestry/geneology service 
Fasteris   Including Illumina NGS 
Fios Genomics  Exome, methylation for epigenetics, other 
FitGenes  DNAprofiling, Nutrigenomics 
Floragenex  Plant and animal NGS
Foundation Medicine  Cancer diagnostics (including NGS) 
Ganit labs  Expression, NGS, genotyping 
GATC-Biotech  NGS 
GenAlysis  Veterinary genetic testing  
Gene TLC  Personalized genomics 
GenebyGene  Services include Ancestry, Health, Research, and Paternity
Genedata  Biologicial data analysis, IT and bioinformatics consulting services
GeneDx  Clinical - including whole exome
Genergy Bio-tec   We provide GWAS, NGS service 
GeneWiz  DNA services including NGS 
Geneyouin Direct to consumer NGS and sequence analysis 
Genialis  Bioinformatics services as well as standalone analysis products 
Genohub  Helps researchers identify the best services for their NGS project.
Genomatix  NGS analysis services 
Genome British Columbia Investment and management of genomics projects
Genome Compiler Genome analysis and synthetic DNA design (linked synthetic DNA services)
Genome Enterprise Limited Next Gen Sequencing associated with TGAC
Genome International Corporation Bioinformatics support for the life sciences
Genome Life Sciences Bioinformatics support for the life sciences
Genome Project Solutions NGS sequencing though interpretation
GenomeDX Clinical cancer genomics
Genomic Engenharia Molecular Paternity testing/consumer/clinical genomics
Genomic Express CLIA laboratory, consumer genomics, medical genetics 
Genomic Expression NGS libraries
Genomic Health  Clinical genomics
Genomic Vision Research and clinical genomics services (epigenetics)
Genomics plc Clin. Genomics. Variant Calling. Interpretation Engine. Pharmaceutical Services
Genomnia NGS sequencing through interpretation
Genomnia srl NGS and Bioinformatic analysis service provider
Genoptix Medical Laboratory personalized diagnostics some seq analysis
Genoscreen http:// NGS, interpretation, consultation
GenoSplice technology "Wet" lab and Bioinformatics services
Genostar Solutions for microbial genome, proteome and metabolome analyses
Genotypic NGS, Microarrays, custom microarrays, Bioinformatics, PCR, and more
GenXPro Transcriptomics, Genomics, Epigenomics, Bioinformatics
Golden Helix Genomic analysis/genomics project consultation
Good Start Genetics Carrier screening
Gsolutions Biosciences LLC  Gsolutions will assemble a team to build a custom bioinformatics pipeline
Health In Code Genetic diagnosis of inherited cardiovascular diseases: NGS/Sanger
High Throughput Sequencing Service associated with UW
Holgentech Fractal defect mining, Fractal analytics (cancer)
Hybridstat Software design/bioinformatics consulting
Ibioa CRO, with NGS analysis as one of many services
IDT In addition to Oligos, they do 454 sequencing as well
Igenbio.Inc Advanced bioinformatics services
Illumina Everything NGS…
IMBcom Commercialization of academic genomics services
IMGM Laboratories Comprehensive NGS/Bioinformatics provider
Inqaba Biotechnical Industries African NGS and Bioinformatics services
IntegraGen  Exome sequencing, Transcriptomics, Epigenomics, Genotyping, Bioinformatics
Interleukin Genetics Consumer genetic tests
InterpretOmics Big Data and Genome Interpretation Company
Intomics CRO specializing in High Throughput data
iRepertoire NGS on immune cells
IZSTO NGS services (specialize in food safety)
Keygene Including whole genome sequencing of plants
Knome NGS interpretation, clinical
LabCorp Including clinical genomics
LC Sciences Services include targeted sequencing and custom microarrays
Lexogen RNA-Seq R&D
LGC Genomics Nucleic acid extraction through NGS analysis
Lucigen Library prep through NGS analysis
Lummei Analytics Data storage through data interpretation service
M2Gen Medical Informatics (including cancer pharmacogenomics)
Macrogen NGS, Sanger sequencing, microarray
Malaysian Genomics Resource Ctr Sequencing through analysis 
Malaysian Genomics... (MGRC) NGS through Interpretation
MapMyGenome Consumer genomics
MedGenome Sanger Sequencing and NGS-based clinical genomics
Medomics Clinical mitochondrial genomics
Metamark Genetics Clinical genomics, cancer focus
MOgene NGS, microarray
MolecularMD Comprensive CRO with significant NGS and bioinformatics capabilities
Moleculo DNA sequencing method:  very long and accurate reads
Multiplicom Dx kits for targeted resequencing.
Mycroarray Custom microarrays and capture bait libraries
MyGenomics Full NGS service (RNAseq a specialty)
Myriad Genetics Clinical Genetics and Genomics Services
Natera Clinical prenatal genetic testing
National Center For Genome Medicine Full service geome core (Taiwan)
Navigenics Consumer genomics (assimilatred by the Thermo Collective)
New Zealand Genomics Limited  Provides genomics technology and bioinformatics services
Newtopia Personalized medicine consultants
Nextcode Delivering the resources developed at deCODE Genetics to the clinical domain.
NextGen Diagnostics Clinical and Reseaerch Genomics
NorthShore Bio "Tunable" nanopores in silicon with label-free, direct-to-digital detection.
Novocraft NGS Sequence Analysis and Custom pipelines
NRGene Assemble NGS data for newly studies species
Nucleome Informatics Next gen sequencing and data analysis
Ocimum Biosolutions Expression, LIMS, other
Oftalmic Sequencing and analysis services (inherited eye diseases)
Omega Bioservices Exome sequencing, interpretation
Omics Maps Crowd Sourced list of sequencing centers
Omics Systems Comprehensive list of genomics services
OmicsX Data mining and analysis services
OncoDNA Targeted sequencing to exome with oncologic theranostic interpretation
Operon  Oligos through NGS analysis 
Opgen Genome mapping, assembly
Origen Labs Clinical lab with expertise in pharmacogenomics and hereditary cancer.
Otogenetics Whole exome NGS, RNAseq
Oxford Gene Technology RNASeq, Targeted sequencing, Familial/Trio Analysis and Advanced Analysis
Paradigm Diagnostics Clinical interpretation of NGS data
Parexel Clinical esearch service with new genomics division
Pathgroup Pathology services including clinical NGS
Pathogenica Clinical Sequencing/NGS
Pathtwork Genomics CLIA microarray (RNAseq?)
Pathway Genomics Personal genomics/nutrition
Perkin Elmer NGS sequencing, exome
Personal Genome Diagnostics Clinical cancer exome sequencing through interpretation
Personalis Interpretation of NGS data, clinical
Population Genetics Targeted resequencing of large populations
Prevention Genomics Clinical Genetic Screening
Progenus Sequencing and analysis (Sanger through NGS)
Prognosys NGS Sequencing and analysis services
QFAB Bioinformatics service specialists
qGenomics Genomics for human health
Qtlomics Technology Merging NGS/Bioinformatics with traditional plant breeding
Quality Partner 16S metagenomic analysis applied to food microbiology
Quartz Bio We are a clinical bioinformatics research services
QUEST Diagnostics Clinical Diagnostics including clinical genomics (see Genomic Vision)
Raindance Raindance offers design services in addition to instrumentation
Response Genetics Genetic and genomic approaches to cancer diagnostics
Rheumakit NGS-based Rheumatology diagnostics
Samsunggenome NGS sequencing through interpretation
SciGenom Full service NGS provider
SCR Consulting  Biotech IT service - Builds custom informatics for life scientists
Second Genome NGS with microbiome focus
SEQLAB Including NGS
Seqmatic MiSeq and now HiSeq sequencing, analysis, metagenomics
Sequenom Microarray structural/functional genomics
Sequenta Clinical NGS and immunology
Seqwright NGS through assembly
ServiceXS NGS, genotyping, methylation and expression analysis services
SGI (Synthetic Genomics) NGS, synthetic genes
Shanghai Biotech NGS panels and Bioinformatics services
Skuldtech Biomarker Discovery, Diagnostic NGS - very well established
SmartGene application-specific solutions for clinical sequencing
Sophia Genetics Integrated Clinical NGS Dry Lab Service 
Sorensen Genomics Clinical and forensic genomics
Spiral Genetics Annotation
STATSARRAY NGS data analysis services (also maintain omictools database)
Sulzberger Columbia Genome Center Full service NGS provider
Synexa Life Sciences Clinical human genomics
Tahoe Informatics Bioinformatics (NGS, Time Logic Accelerated BLAST etc)
TATAA Biocenter gene expression profiling services
Taueret Laboratories Genetic laboratory services to researchers of medical genetics
UD-GenoMed Full service clinical genomics lab
Univ British Columbia Genome Svcs Ion Torrent Sequencing + analysis services
Wuxi Apptec Comprehensive, including NGS and expression analysis
xcelris labs Sequencing and analysis (Sanger through NGS)
XDx Clinical, expression-based transplant monitoring
Zymo Research Comprehensive NGS services for epigenetic analysis
Providers of cells and protein solutions 
Company Website Notes
AllCells, LLC Largest West Coast hematopoietic stem cell provider
Alstem  monoclonal antibodies (custom and catalog)
Applied Biological Materials, Inc.  Primary and immortalized cell lines. Custom antibodies and proteins
Bioneer ExiprogenTM Automated protein synthesis/purification instrument
Novoprotein custom antibody services and recombinant proteins
Nvigen Nanoparticles (Fluorescent/Magnetic etc.)
ProMab Comprehensive monoclonal antibody supplier
Rest in Peace
Company Notes
Helicos Biosciences Single molecule sequencing, bankrupt in 2013
Lynx Therapeutic Pioneers in the early 2000s
Manteia Predictive Medicine Pioneers in the early 2000s
Solexa Pioneers in the early 2000s
Pathtwork Genomics Big CLIA lab in Redwood City
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