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The purpose of this site is to create a comprehensive listing of companies and organizations involved with Genomics and Molecular Biology.  To this end, I've created the following lists:

1) The Genome Software/Service page is currently devoted to software packages designed to handle, organize, and interpret 
        genomics data.  This page also lists companies that offer genomics-related services.  There is also a  short list of other
        websites that provide resources for the NGS community.  I have also included a short list of cell biology and proteomics
        companies at the request of one of my readers.  This should eventually get its own page.  

2) The Genome Inst/Supplies page is devoted to companies that provide instrumentation and supplies to genomics
        researchers and clinicians.

3) The Institute List is devoted to universities and non-profit organizations that teach the subject and support relevant research

4) A collaborator and I are also working on a searchable version of this site, called GenomeSource.  While it is still a work in progress, we hope to create a resource for everyone who's interested in genomics personalized medicine.

Any organization that works in structural genomics (chromosome structure and sequence), functional genomics (conversion of the information stored in chromosomes into life), bioinformatics, molecular biology, or molecular diagnostics is an appropriate candidate for one (or more) of these lists.

Keep in mind that I include everything.  Universities are listed alphabetically with no implications regarding academic reputation. Companies are sorted alphabetically and very roughly by their focus.  It's up to you to judge their worth. This is intended to be an international list, so no preference is given based on country.

As I want these lists to be as comprehensive, useful, and accurate as possible, I welcome feedback.  If you represent a company or institution, you're welcome to contact me.  I will incorporate your suggestions and corrections into my descriptions provided I can fit them in the space permitted.  If you know of an organization that should be included here, please let me know.  I make modifications and additions at least once each month.

Thank you for your interest, and for your suggestions.


Geoffrey Routh, Ph.D

(805) 223-5831 (mobile)

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