Geoff's Bio-Directories (By Geoffrey Routh, Ph.D)

Lists of Genomics Instrument Makers/Consumables Suppliers

This page is devoted to instrument makers, and suppliers of reagents and kits.  Let me know if there are other companies that should be listed here.   If you belong to one of these organizations, please contact me if you would like to suggest edits to the notes describing your company. 

My company, BioChain, sells the Anaprep line of nucleic acid extraction instruments.  If you're looking to simplify your nucleic acid extractions, please look us up!

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Updated 12/01/2015

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Company Website Notes
AC-Gen Reading Life Clinical genetic tests and gene panels
Advanced Analytical Technologies NGS fragment analysis
Advanced Liquid Logic Sample prep (Nugen chemistry) 
Affymetrix gene chips
Agilent exome capture
Arrayit microarray
AZCO NGS and Sanger sequencing
Base 4 Technology for single molecule sequencing
Baseclear NGS, comprehensive 
BioChain Anaprep 12 and Anaprep 24 DNA extraction instruments.
Beckman Coulter Devices and Robotics 
BioNano Genomics genome assembly
Bioneer Nucleic acid extraction/protein synthesis.  qPCR machine.
Bio-Rad Including QuantaLife 3rd gen PCR
Boreal Genomics Extraction, Allele enrichment
Caliper (PE) Lab auto and NGS services
Douglas Scientific Array tape technology for microarray, qPCR etc
Fluidigm Expression, targeted resequencing, SNP
GE Healthcare Bring NGS to clinic
Genapsys Small footprint Clinical NGS device
Nanopore sequencing - acquired by Roche.
Genomic Solutions Proteomics, DNA sample prep
gnubio NGS
Illumina exon capture kits etc.
Intelligent Biosystems (QIAGEN) Instruments for clinical NGS.
Life Technologies NGS
Nabsys  Positional sequencing
Nanostring FFPE extraction, expression, CNV
Noblegen Clinical WGS
NorthShore Bio Solid-state "tunable" nanopore/s label-free, direct-to-digital detection
Opgen Genome mapping, assembly
Oxford Nanopore NGS
Pacific Biosciences NGS
Perkin Elmer Genetics Automated sample prep, library creation, target enrichment
PolyPico Technologies High precision, low volume liquid dispensing technologies
Primadiag Automation for library prep
Promega DNA isolation instruments and Luminometers for gene expression work
QIAGEN QIAcube and QIAsymphony automated extraction platforms etc.
Quantapore Novel NGS platform
Quantum DX Clinical  nanowire sequencing
Raindance targeted resequencing, GWAS, methylation
Roche (454) NGS
Roche (nimblegen) Arrays, exome capture
Sage Science Pippin Prep automated size selection 
Sequenom Microarray structural/functional genomics
Wafergen Realtime PCR gene expression profiling/Apollo automated library prep
ZS Genetics Devices for long read NGS
Name Website Notes
AC-Gen Reading Life Clinical genetic tests and gene panels
Agilent Exome capture kits
Aline Biosciences NGS library prep clean up/NGS library kits
Aline Biosciences Nucleic acid prep for NGS and other sequencing
Arrayit Microarray supplies
AZCO NGS and Sanger sequencing (reagents)
Baseclear NGS, (Including Zymo prep kits)
Beckman Coulter Kits/reagents for nucleic acid purification and size selection
Biochain NGS reagents and other supplies
Bioneer Enzymes, Translation/Extraction kits etc.   Leading Supplier in S. Korea.
Bioo Including NGS library construction kits
BIOO Kit / Workcell for Illumina Sample Prep
Bio-Rad QuantaLife 3rd gen PCR, multiple
Bioserve Human DNA, microarray
Clontech Laboratories Consumables (including SMARTer technology for RNAseq)
Ctgen DNA synthesis supports
Diffinity Genomics First Product: pipette tips for rapid PCR clean-up
Edge Bio Reagents
Enzymatics Molecular biology enzymes (including NGS sample prep enzymes)
Epigentek Library prep/bisulfite conversion/ChIP kits
Eurofins, MWG, Operon Oligos 
G Biosciences Kits for isolating 50kbp - 350 kbp DNA
GenDx HLA typing reagents (information on)
GeneCopoeia Expression-ready clones: ORF cDNA, shRNA, microRNA and promoters
Genomed Kits for isolating 50kbp - 350 kbp DNA
Green Mountain Biosystems
Kits for DNAseq and RNAseq
Oncology/Pharmacogenomics assays for 454, MySeq and Ion Torrent
Integenx DNA/RNA Stabiization for NGS library Prep
iRepertoire Primer sets for targeted NGS of immune cells
Kailos Genetics Target enrichment kits for NGS
Kapa Biosystems NGS library kits
Lexogen GmbH NGS library technology
Life Technologies Multiple reagents/kits/consumables
Lucigen‎ NGS library kits
Magnamedics Provider of NGS kit
Mawi DNA Technologies Stabilize swab DNA, increase yields and quality of the extracted DNA
MoBio Extraction kits
MYcroarray Custom microarrays and capture bait libraries
New England Biolabs Enzymes etc.
Nugen Sample prep kits for NGS
Origene Luminex xMap kits for genomics
Prognosys Biosciences http:// Target enrichment kits for NGS
Promega Enzymes, extraction kits, etc.
QIAGEN NGS Extraction, WGA, Targeted Panels, and Library Prep Kit
Roche (nimblegen) Arrays, exome capture kits
Rubicon Genomics NGS sample prep kits (ThruPLEX, PicoPLEX) - sensitive/user friendly
Scigene  NGS library kits
Sirius Genetics Companion diagnostics kits
Zymo Research Nucleic Acid Prep for NGS/epigenetics
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